Red Tent: Deep rest & replenishment (Montreal)

RED TENT*: A coming of beautiful women to share, nourish and support each other

As the year draws to a close, there is a gradual acceleration up to the often frenetic holiday season. On top of this, we struggle and juggle with our multiple roles and responsibilities; to our loved ones, to our creations and to the management of our daily lives. It can be a lot to hold.

At the same time, Mother Nature has another pace. She has now shed her leaves and allowed her summer creations to die, trusting that there will be new life in the spring. She has come to rest and is in hibernation for the winter months. 

If we listen, we can hear her gently whispering in our ears that it's OK to do the same: shed what is no longer necessary, go within and sit with what is there, and to allow ourselves to deeply rest and replenish. 

How to reconcile the opposing pulls of this time of year? How to tune into our deep needs and natural rhythms? How to honour who we are and what feels right, so that when Spring rolls around our cup is full and we are ready to birth more beauty, be it in our relationships, our creative projects or through our contribution to the world? 

In this Red Tent we will slow the pace. We'll put on our slippers, warm ourselves with tisane and good company, and cozy up with meditation, music, journaling and sharing among sisters. 

Come rest. Come replenish. Come fill your cup. 

Come share and be inspired by what deep rest and replenishment means for each of us. This is a space for you to come to rest, connect with other women and support each other to honour our needs and rhythms. 

You are so welcome!

* In times long gone by, a Red Tent (or Moon Lodge) was the place women gathered each month away from their responsibilities and village life to rest and replenish during their moons (menstruation). It was in this intimate, safe space that women of all ages could share their trials and tribulations, learn from their elders and discover what it meant to be a woman.

We will recreate this nourishing space in this contemporary Red Tent and, drawing on Native American tradition, will use a talking stick to support our sharing.

Contribution: $50 (or $40 if you bring a friend)

Provided: Tisane and healthy snacks

Language: The Red Tent will be hosted mostly in English, and you are free to participate in English or French

Info:  Contact me here or call me on 450 512-3216

To register: Send me your email address, and $20 by Interac to reserve your spot (Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.). Exact address provided on registration.

Please bring:
- A cushion
- A blanket
- Comfortable, cozy clothes
- A notebook, pen and coloured pencils/pens
- Water bottle

Minnie Richardson
Life Coach & Rituals Practitioner
450 512-3216
Cercle de femmes de coeur proposé chaque mois à Saint-Jérôme:

Propriétés de l'événement

Date de l'événement Sam 15 Déc 13:00
Date de fin Sam 15 Déc 17:00
Places 15
Prix individuel 50.00$
Red Tent (Montreal)
Avenue Wiseman, Outremont, QC H2V 3J9, Canada
Red Tent (Montreal)
50.00$ 15
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